Did you ever want to go to the fair when you grow up? We’ll now they have one right here in World of Warcraft. I’m here to show you all around the magical wonderland we the Darkmoon Faire.

How to get there

(Note: This is how I get to the Faire) I start at Dalaran go to the portal area and head to Stormwind, once there go to the auction house entrance. There is a woman standing outside the building, you pay here 50 silver for her to teleport you to the portal door. Once teleported click on the big portal in front of you.
You are now on the Darkmoon Faire island ready to start the next step, getting tokens.

How to get tokens

Once you get down the supper long hill you will then come to the Faire entrance. You need to look to your right, there will be a small tent with a goblin named Zina Sharpworth she sells the tokens, I recommend buying two of the Sack o’ Tokens I miss a lot on some games.
You now have 40 tokens to start the next step, Playing Games.


The moment you have all been waiting for, the grand poobah of all the steps Games.
Starting off with Whack-a-Gnoll, it’s the first game when you enter the Darkmoon Faire. The way you play this game is you hit the stuffed gnolls, they come in 3 types: Normal, Hogger, and baby you don’t want to hit the baby or you will get knocked back. You want to hit the gnolls till you fill your quest bar.
In Darkmoon Faire Part 2, I will talk about Professions and more Darkmoon Faire Games.