Have you ever wanted to find some of the coolest looking pets in World Of Warcraft but don’t know where to start, I am here to show you how and where to get them.

It all starts in Highmountain where your elegant hunter lodge is. If you start at your lodge you want to head north on this wonderful journey. You will soon come to a halt at a fork in the road, you must turn east where you will then come to a deep and dark cave entrance, you’ll then turn around and look to your left of the road so you looking southwest then go ahead and camp there until the majestic Elderhorn enters your sights. You’ll also want to dismiss any pet you have out or you won’t be able to tame the Elderhorn.

Once you have the majestic Elderhorn in your sights (Note: He will be running) you must act quickly, I recommend placing a Freezing Trap on the ground in front of the Elderhorn so he does not run off, you then want to use the Tame Beast spell.

You now have yourself a majestic Elderhorn by your side, ready to fight with you.