The times have changed, from normal quests to these group world quest, and solo PVP quests. I’m here to show you what they mean and how they work.

You first want to start from left to right, So like from Azsuna all the way to Stormheim. I recommend That you have Broken Isles Flying, It will make your questing time more efficient. You also want to keep track of your Emissary world quest log, on the bottom left of your map. If clicked on they will show you what quests to do in each land, if you finish one you will then get a quest to turn it in and get a reward.

PVP World Quests

The PVP world quests can be any ware on the broken island, it always rewards you with honor but sometimes it can have extras like Marks of Honor or Order Resources which are types of currency.

PVP World quest Rewards

Once you have entered the PVP quest area you will be marked for PVP for 5 minuets, meaning that all Hord that come there can kill you. The PVP quests usually consist of filling a bar by killing, and to kill a queen they are relatively easy in my opinion. once completed you will intently get your reward.

World Quests Icons

The World quest icon is so elegant, but do you know all the different meanings that come with it. First off, world quests are in the legion expansion and above.

The world quest icons are normally brown, and if you click them they will turn yellow and be in your side UI quest log.
– The first quest icon is the Crossed swords this means that it has PVP in it.
– The next one is purple icon with a dragon border that means It will involve a World Boss.
– The next icon is the Blue with the Dragon border it means that you need a group to kill a rare elite mob, so grab a soda and get your group together.
– This Normal icon with a dragon border means you need a smaller group to kill an elite mob.
– The Normal Quest icon means that you can do it solo, all by yourself.
– The Profession icon mean it will reward you with a profession item depending on the what the quest wants you to do.
– The last one is the Green Paw icon means that it has to do with battle pets.

What they Display

If you hover your in game courser over one of the Word Quests it will show you its details like:
– Name of the quest
– How difficult the quest is, also indicated by the color
– Quest type, also indicated by the map icon
– Time left, may vary on the type and difficult of the quest
– Quest objectives
– Lastly the quest rewards and description

You now know what they all mean, and how to work a little faster.